America's Lost H Bomb. A documentary by Marabella Productions & Discovery's Science Channel.

America's Lost H Bomb DVD. A documentary by Marabella Productions and Discovery's Science Channel. DVD Extras include complete exclusive Robert McNamara Interview and declassified congressional testimony.
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DVD Extras Include

  • One of ROBERT McNAMARA's last exclusive interviews!
  • Declassified Congressional testimony

There's a missing WMD, but you'd never guess where…

In 1958, a damaged U.S. B-47 bomber jettisons a nuclear bomb off the coast of Savannah Georgia containing 350 pounds of conventional explosives and an undisclosed quantity of highly enriched uranium. The bomb's explosive yield is 100 times that of the Hiroshima bomb. For weeks, the U.S. Navy and Air Force search for the bomb in the silty waters around Tybee Island. Deemed "irretrievably lost," the 7,600 pound nuclear Tybee bomb is still out there…

  • Where is the Tybee bomb and why hasn't it been found?
  • What happens to a nuclear bomb that is submerged for half a century?
  • Is the local population at risk?
  • What is the likelihood of the Tybee bomb falling into terrorist hands?

Through eyewitness and expert interviews, declassified military documents, archival and contemporary on-site footage, this documentary uncovers the history, the controversy, and the science surrounding the lost Tybee bomb.

Executive Producer, Writer, Director: Mark Marabella
Editor: Julie Chabot
Camera: Petr Cikhart Original Music: Hal Cragin
Executive Producer for Discover's Science Channel: Allan Butler
@MMVII Discovery Communications, Inc.
Includes one of Robert McNamara's last exclusive interviews. U.S. Secretary of Defense 1961 - 1967
DVD Dolby Digital Total Running Time 52:00 minutes Language: English Screen Format: 4x3 Marabella Productions
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